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Quanie Cash has quietly been a "Community Activist" in the city of Nashville making a positive impact in others lives.
"Loyalty & Respect" Scholarship

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Loyalty & Respect Scholarship is dedicated to students who have lost a family member or friend due to violence, but somehow they persevered through the tragedy and graduated from high school. It serves as a reminder to never give up and to continue to push forward in remembrance of that loved one you lost. Derreonia Harris was the first recipient of this reward. She is currently attending Tennessee State University.

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M-SAC Guest Speaker
Judge Sheila Calloway
Guest Speaker
Mayor Megan Barry
Cowan St. Baptist Church
Encouraging the Youth
"Ladies of Echelon"
Dance Team
Encouraging the Youth
"Speak Out Tour"
Encouraging the Youth
"Speak Against Violence"
Community Event
by Fee Fee Williamson
 The Community
"Hospice Visitation"
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